Experience skincare that not only transforms but also prioritizes your well-being at every step. Ljus invites you to explore proven radiance where nature and science come together effortlessly.

You Deserve Visible Proof that Your Skincare Truly Works

Our founders, Maria, Valentina & Candelaria are committed to transparency and efficacy, and had the initiative to ask for a Clinically Proven test at third-party labs. 

Clinically Proven Tests: Elevating Your Skincare Experience

We meticulously conducted usage tests on a diverse group of 15 individuals, spanning from 14 to 28 days based on the specific product. This scientific approach ensures that LJUS products deliver real, visible results.

We did a usage test of the following skincare products:

Why choose Ljus

Formulas: Proven, Powerful Ingredients

We focus on ingredients that deliver noticeable results, placing effectiveness above all. Our thoroughly tested final formulas guarantee maximum efficacy.